Book Reviews and Recommendations

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Here's what the staff and children of West Jesmond recommend...
The Ugly Duckling – Book Review

By Ava Y1

There were 6 ducklings 1 was odd because he was grey. He left the lake and went to the farm. The other animals did not like him because he was not like the other ones. He ended up alone. A farmer found him out in the cold and said “it is nice and warm on my farm, you can come back with me”. The duckling went to the farm where it was nice and warm, the farmer’s children gave him some food. The children liked to play catch with the duckling but he felt frightened and ran away to the lake. He turned in to a swan and when he saw his reflection in the water he saw that he was beautiful.

I enjoyed the book. It was a sad story in the middle but a happy story at the end when the duckling is not ugly anymore.

The 13-Storey Treehouse – Book Review

By Jack Y3

The book is about two boys, Andy and Terry. I think they are about 8. They live in a treehouse. My three favourite chapters are:
2. The Flying Cat – Terry made a cat into a canary by painting it yellow. He threw it out of the window. Two wings popped out and the cat flew away.
3. The Missing Cat – Jill could not find her cat. She made a ‘missing’ poster.
6. The Barky The Barking Dog Show – Barky the Dog barked and barked. He barked a bird to sleep. He barked all through the night and at sunrise. He barked at a fly and finally he barked into a hole.
I like this book. It is funny. It makes me giggle.