Creative Activities

Creative Ideas
We all love a good challenge! If you have some spare time, try these Creative Challenges.  There are 30 different drawing ideas to use your imagination and put pen or pencil to paper and draw!  Use a piece of paper or a sketchbook if you have one.
Rainbow Activities

Let’s Make Rainbows! The Websites  and have lots of lovely ideas.  See some ideas below.





Other Rainbow Crafts

Mindful colouring

Mindfulness colouring is a relaxing and calming activity which also allows you to explore your creativity. It’s also good for improving fine motor skills and even your concentration! Try some of these printable mindfulness colouring sheets.

Tutorials - I Can Draw........

Learn how to draw, step-by-step, with these drawing tutorials.


OR try these How to Draw Activity Sheets
Seasonal Crafts
Here are some Spring Crafts that are fun and simple to make.
Many of the weblinks below include a tutorial to help you!
Animal Crafts
The following website has some wonderful animal crafts
See the printable resources below!
Paper Weaving
The following website has a step-by-step guide to paper weaving :
Lego Crafts
You can be very creative with Lego.  Try these challenges!
Famous Artists
Learning about famous artists can be lots of fun and a great opportunity for you to explore different techniques and resources.  Try your own work in the style of your favourite artist!
Explore the famous artists using the links;
Useful Famous Artist Printables…..
Other Useful Websites

Have fun with this modern art generator.  Try out the different tools and effects!!

Art ideas for home learning.
Free colouring pages.
Lots of interactive art games!
Create your own comic strips!
The faster you click, the faster it draws!
Art games and more exciting activities…..