Curriculum in the Community

West Jesmond plays a key role in the life of our local community. Each year we host the annual Jesmond Community Fair and take part in the parade through the streets of Jesmond. We take every opportunity to work with local businesses and charities resulting in some unique and exciting learning opportunities. We have participated in The Newcastle’s Citizen’s Assembly competition and BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival at The Sage. We also take part in events such as fundraising for global charities, local competitions and campaigns e.g. The Exhibition Park Lakeside Project. We have a thriving Year 6 Radio club which is funded by The Friends of West Jesmond parent group.

We broadcast across the playground on Friday mornings and also create regular podcasts ( Radio club is currently working on a new project ‘Kids on Air’ with Newcastle University to produce multimedia presentations for use in school and The University. One of our most popular annual events is our yearly Talent Show where children and families can showcase their many talents. Children choose and then perform their acts to parents during a relaxed, cabaret styled evening. Performances range from singing and playing musical instruments to dancing and reciting favourite poems.