Environmental Learning

Developing a sense of social consciousness also forms an important part of our curriculum. We want all our pupils to become more aware of the impact they have on their environment and how they can protect it for generations to come. Building upon the success of our Ecofestival in 2010 and following several years of hard work we were awarded the Green Flag Award in October 2012 ( read more about the award at http://www.keepbritaintidy.org/ecoschools/) Children regularly work at our award winning school allotment as well as our community St Andrew’s Garden and play an active role in our environmental school initiatives such as recycling and composting. On our journey towards the award pupils created their own eco group who represent the year groups throughout the school. This group of children help implement the many ways in which we can improve our school surroundings, become more sustainable, build links with our local and wider community and learn about environmental topics in the classroom. Below you’ll find the eco-code they created:

W - Walk to school
E - Eco school
S - Save the environment
T - Try to use less water
J - Jesmond's great, don't waste it
E - Everybody get involved
S - Start recycling
M - Make mend and do
O - Only switch the lights on, when you need to
N - Never drop litter
D - Don't drive if you can walk