Hi Everyone, 
We subscribe to a brilliant website called Oddizzi for some of our Geography work. We will upload regular work packs for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to this part of the website. The answers are also provided at the end of each pack if that helps. 
We will also be posting some other links to different Humanities work you can be doing including some History. 
Take Care, 
Miss Byatt and Miss Smith
History Songs
Love music? Love History and Geography? Why not spend some of your time to learn a few of these 'History songs' or 'Geography Songs' another great fun way to learn some more about your favourite time periods or civilisations. 
As well as these great songs and lyrics there is a selection of great ideas to expand your home learning. You could do a local history study, investigate a significant individual from the past or even interview your family members about their past. Why not have a look here.