SEND - Supporting Children with Additional Needs

At West Jesmond Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. All children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and to be included in the social and academic life of the school. We aim to provide educational experiences that take into account the individual needs of all children, appropriate to their level of ability.
To view our SEND policy please click on the pdf below.
For detailed information about the support we are able to offer for children with a range of additional needs, please see the SEND Information Report below. 
To find out the local offer - a way of letting families know about the services, beyond school, that are available in Newcastle upon Tyne and how to access them - please click on the link below:
Provision for children with additional needs

At West Jesmond Primary school support for children with additional / special needs is implemented through a wide range of interventions, supporting specific pupils.

Teaching Assistants, supporting those with additional / special needs, are deployed throughout the school. Our SEN Teaching Assistant is responsible for medication across the school. There is also a designated Teaching Assistant who supports children with fine motor skills difficulties.

The school accesses local authority support from SENTASS, to help identify, monitor and provide for those with additional / special needs. Support is also accessed through Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, and CYPS (Children and Young People’s Services)

Additional funds are also used to purchase school based interventions to support the development of fine motor skills, mathematics, spellings, reading and dyslexia.