Why not join in Tengo, tengo, tengo with Senora Pocock and her children? It's about three sheep! There's more details on Week 6's Spanish postcard. 
Here's Senora Pocock's daughter, Anna,  reciting the poem. Anna is in Year 3 now and started doing Spanish classes  when she was in Reception. She likes saying simple rhymes in Spanish. Perhaps you could practise saying a few lines of the poem yourself?
Hola from Senora Pocock
Senora Pocock's daughter, Anna, has created her own puppet show and has performed it in Spanish! Why not try this? We'd love to see any that you create!

Spanish Activities for Home


Dear Parents and Carers,


Below is a list of suggested websites and activities so that your child can remain carry on practising Spanish at home. Many of the activities and sites can be enjoyed by the whole family. Links and text highlighted in blue can take you directly to activity site.


As a guide, regular 10 to 15 minute sessions of Spanish are ideal and you can let yourself be guided by your child’s interests. 


Video Series


Short video clips split into 10 topics:


BBC Bitesize KS2


BBC sounds radio KS2 Spanish ¡Mi Madrid! Series. Aimed at 8-10 year old children. 40 video clips and 10 songs:


10 short videos from the High Five series following Sophie as she learns Spanish with her friends Marine and Miguel




Spanish stories read slowly for the children.


I really hope that you exploring these activities with your children! 


¡Hasta pronto!


Señora Pocock

Online Games

Le Club Français is making its online resources available for free for the next 3 months. This includes Babelzone which has many Spanish activities and games. 


To logon, go to the Le Club Français. Then go to Babelzone and use the code LCF2020sch.


Interactive games:


Interactive games and songs:



These are some youtube songs we have listened to in class which the children might enjoy watching at home:

Tengo tengo tengo:


Pica Pica: Ya vienen los Reyes Magos:


Un elefante se balanceaba


Bebé tiburón:



A free app helping you to learn a language while cooking


Free downloadable bilingual cookery book from Cooking with Languages. Use the code EVERYLITTLEHELPS at the checkout and your basket will be discounted to 0 and you download the book for free:


Research Project

Lumen’s Spanish Award – a research based activity suitable for all ages. Please see separate PDF.