STEM Activities - Live Lessons and Family Ideas

Dr Chipps Live Lessons
Barefoot Ambassador and STEM subject leader Dr Chips will be leading live lessons on Science, Engineering and Computing. Tune in at...
Family STEM Ideas
Here are ideas linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that you could work on as a family. 
  • Using Lego or similar products, or junk modeling, what can you design and make? What might you do in the future to improve it? 
  • Design a gadget in your book that would make your life easier or more efficient, or would improve somebody else's life or job. Include a labelled diagram and explain what it does, and how.
  • Take photographs of any cooking or baking they do or write the recipes in their books and draw a picture of it. 
  • Pick 5 items from your fridge or cupboard. How might you combine them to make a balanced meal to feed your family?
  • Analyse different food packaging considering the environment, cost, 
  • Design a package for a certain food product (especially if they have made something)