The Arts

Performing and visual arts also play a significant part within our curriculum. Drawing upon our rich and varied regional culture we frequently welcome local artisans to help enhance our Art’s curriculum. We were recently joined, for example, by curators of the Greek collection from Great North Museum who supported our exploration of Greek Art and culture. Furthermore, one only needs to take a walk around the corridors of our school to see the wealth and variety of visual artwork on display, created throughout the course of the school year and during our recent art focus week.

In addition, West Jesmond Primary school ensures a vibrant performing arts curriculum. Throughout Key Stage 2 children are offered the chance to attend orchestra, band, recorders, choir and ‘the School of Rock’. Furthermore, children are given a wide variety of opportunities to perform. Each year, the choir visits the City Hall to take part in a collaborative concert with other primary schools, as well as performing within the local community. Every summer we hold a ‘Musical Showcase’ to share the musical activities that have been happening during the year which includes performances from soloists, ensembles and larger groups. The School of Rock gives opportunities for year 6 children who may or may not already play an instrument, to rehearse and perform as part of a rock band. In year 3, children also get the chance, as part of the curriculum, to learn to play the recorder.Tuition is also available in a number of wind, string and brass instruments (please note this tuition must be paid for).