Year 2

Dear Parent/Carer,


In light of recent development with the Coronavirus outbreak and recommended school closure, it is important that while the children are not at school during this time, they continue their learning.  


We appreciate that many of you will be working from home with your children in the house, so to try and make this manageable we have collated some useful resources (both online and printable), and a maths overview of what the children have already covered during their time with us since September. Individual log-in information for websites and apps (where it is required) can be found in your child’s reading diary. This information is designed to provide guidance and to support you when the opportunity arises for you to work with your child.


Thank you for your support and we hope to see you all soon.


Year 2 teachers


Below you will find a number of useful resources to support your child in their maths work, alongside more specific resources for the areas we have already covered. We have also included a sheet of maths question prompts using our whole school 'hashtags' to help promote discussion with your child. So far this year we have taught the children:


·         Place value

·         Addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers both with and without regrouping

·         Multiplication and division, specifically 2s, 5s, and 10s

·         Geometry – properties of 2D and 3D shapes

·         Money

·         Statistics – tally charts, pictograms and block graphs

·         Fractions of shapes and quantities


During this period of school closure, we would usually be teaching the children about time. The Year 2 expectation is that children can read the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 15 minutes.


White Rose Resources

White Rose Maths have released specific packs to support your child with home learning. Please navigate to the Year 2 section of the website below: 


We have also added the White Rose Maths 'Problems of the Day' which we use regularly in school to promote discussion and consolidate learning. 



All activities have been made available for your child to learn and explore.


Times Tables Rockstars

Your child will be able to access TT Rockstars from home using the log in in their reading diary. We have set the tables to rotate on a fortnightly basis, so they will cover the 2s, 5s and 10s regularly.


Classroom Secrets Home Learning Pack

These printable resources will be useful to consolidate prior learning in maths.




Each child has been given a CGP reading comprehension book that can be worked through during this period of school closure. This is closely linked to the National Curriculum expectations for reading in Year 2.  The book is to be worked through at a steady pace to develop the children’s reading comprehension skills. Please ensure you encourage your child to take time working through each activity, and avoid rushing through the book. This is designed to be a long-term home learning support. The booklet is split in to seven sections, we would recommend looking to complete one section per week.


Please continue to enjoy reading stories together at home. We have created a fun reading and writing bingo sheet for the children to complete which you will find below under 'Read, Write BINGO'.


Below is a list of links to online stories and activities that you may find useful:


General Curriculum Resources


There are a wide range of resources on Twinkl that cover all areas of the National Curriculum. There is also a specific School Closure Pack for Year 2 that can be downloaded and printed. Twinkl have announced that parents can sign up for free membership at present.


The PDF below contains a number of fun practical activities your children can do at home, it is called 'Year 2 Practical Ideas'. 


You will also find PDFs with lots of KS1 Home Learning Projects to enjoy together.