Year 3

Hi Year 3! 


We hope you all had a fun Easter spending time at home with your families?


Well done so far for all your hard work doing the online resources - we know its hard not being at school but we know you are all showing your family what you can do at home!


As of the end of the Easter holidays we will be on Week 3 of our online plans so it would be best to continue using the previous resource page as before Easter.  However we are planning ahead and putting more resources on this page for later on.


Remember your logins for Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars will be in your diaries, and we emailed out your Epic! logins before Easter.


Keep safe, remember to wash your hands, and hopefully we will see you all very soon!

As well as the activities laid out in the weekly plans and on the previous resource page we have added some more below.
Firstly we have attached an extended writing pack centred around Fairy Tale Trolls that will allow you to practice your writing skills.  There will be updated packs added as we go on.
Secondly, you could utilise Pobble 365, a website that provides daily writing challenges with an emphasis on creative writing based around really interesting and thought-provoking images.
Topic Reading
Since our topic this term is Railways, we have chosen The Railway Children as our class text.  We have found an online audible version of The Railway Children.  If you have a copy at home you could read that too.
Attached below is a series of comprehension tasks based around the chapters in the book.  You can answer the questions in your Home Learning Books.
As well as the reading activities included in the previous resource section we would highly recommend utilising the activities laid out in the school diaries.  You can complete these in your Home Learning Books.
The Oxford Owl eBook Library has a range of ebooks that match up to the levels we use in school.  Remember when reading to encourage comprehension by asking questions that allow the children to infer or make predictions.
As before we have set lots of topic reading on Get Epic! so make sure to have a go!  We sent out class logins before Easter via email.
Amazon Audible have a free trial option at the moment with books like Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone going free so why not have a look?
Remember if you'd like to make a book review we'd love to see it on Facebook!
Our new topic this term is Railways and we are going to try and answer the question: How did trains turn Britain around?
Topic Work
1.  Have a look at the statements about railways and see if you can use the diamonds to order them from most important to least important.
2.  Have an explore of the Story of the Steam Engine and Victorian Railways on BBC Bitesize.  Your job is to do some hot-seating with someone at home and interview George Stephenson.  Think of what questions you would want to ask him?
3.  Try using a timeline to order the events involving the railway revolution and why not have a go at mapping out where the first railway lines were placed? 
(You may need to use an atlas or Google Maps to help you which is good practice!)
4.  Can you sort out the changes caused by railways into positive effects and negative effects?
We have attached some fun activities from Oddizzi below that you can print out and have a go at!
We do not have individual logins for the children but the activities should be attainable without these (you may need to use an atlas or Google Maps on occasion which will be good practice for the children).
New Weekly Home Learning Resources
We have now started to use the updated weekly White Rose Home Learning resources that match up with the daily BBC Bitesize Maths lessons.
It will slightly change the order of Maths topics (for example the week beginning 18.5.20 will again be Fractions).
Once again feel free to use these in a way that suits you.  We will add them on in weekly chunks from now on.
Each week will comprise of 5 activities (and answers) as well as a selection of videos to go alongside them.
Week 5 (wb 18.5.20) - Fractions
End of Term Assessments
Year 3 would normally have completed some Maths assessments before the Easter Holidays - just to help us evaluate pupil progression.
We have attached an Arithmetic paper and a Reasoning & Problem Solving paper as well as both marking schemes if you would like to have a go.  As with the Fractions assessment, feel free to use this in whatever way you think best supports your child.
N.B. 21.5.20 - we will leave this assessments up for reference of Y3 expectations and targets.
Plant Topic
Our Big Question this term is: 'Do the biggest seeds grow the biggest plants?'.
You could investigate this at home!  You could plant two or more different-sized seeds in pots either inside or outside.  Think back to your work from Y2 about how best to look after these - sunshine, water and light are all important!  Then see which grows the tallest.
Or you could take a picture of the seed in your hand and then a picture of you with the plant after 5 weeks.  We could then compare these when we are back at school or you could show us on Facebook or Twitter.
Professor Jones is going to have a go so be sure to look out for his investigations!
Mrs Laidler has been investigating how plants grow in different temperatures which you can see on our Facebook page - maybe you could do the same?
One of Professor Jones' favourite activities is to pick a flower (make sure you ask permission first!) and then very slowly and carefully pick apart all the different parts.  Can you name them all?  Then using any art or recycled materials can you recreate a model of your flower?  We would love to see your creations!
Can you create your own plant pot?
In case you forget to water your plant...
This is a great question to test your observational skills - either in the garden or out on a walk.
Which is the odd one out?  Why?
What if...
Use your scientific knowledge to work this one out:
Home Experiments
Unfortunately we had to cancel our next school trip to Locomotion in Shildon for our Railways topic.  However their Science team have sent us some fun activities to do at home so have a go and we're sure Mr Jones would love to see some pictures on Facebook!