Year 4

In light of recent development with the Coronavirus outbreak and school closure, it is important that while the children are not at school during this time, they continue their learning.  

We appreciate that many of you will be working from home with your children in the house, to make this manageable we have collated some useful resources (both online and printable). In addition, an overview of what the children have covered since September can be found in the year group folder on the school website. This information is designed to provide guidance and to support you when the opportunity arises for you to work with your child. Individual log-in information for websites and apps (where required) can be found in your child’s reading diary. 

Your child should record any written work in their Home Learning book. More practical tasks can be recorded using photographs. These will be shared when we return to school.


Wider Curriculum and learning opportunities:

Please use this time to develop new and existing skills such as: Crafts, Artwork, Cooking & Baking, Board Games, Outdoor visits (when possible)- The National Trust have stated that they will open their parks & estates for free, while closing houses and buildings. Further information can be found at:

National Trust Openings during this period


There are some lovely ideas for family activities included on the National Trust's "50 Things to do before you're 11".

50 Things to do before you're 11


The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have a number of activities as part of their Wild Challenge. Many of these can be completed in the garden or even from indoors.

RSPB Wild Challenge


Additional resources at the bottom of this section include:

Practical Ideas pack

Weekly Learning projects

Weekly tasks will be set on Mathletics website.
Times Tables will continue to be set on 'Times Tables Rockstars'. Towards the end of the week the children should complete the relevant Times Table Challenge that we have attached below.

Maths games

You can find a number of daily key skills games on the website below to cover times tables, decimals and more.

BBC Bitesize

Includes videos and a comprehensive list of resources to cover all aspects of the primary curriculum.

Maths is fun

This site is a great tool to revise and look at a range of mathematical concepts in great detail from geometry to fractions.


White Rose Maths Home Learning



We have attached a list of 'Reading Journal' activities. Please try to complete one of these tasks each day. The children can use a school graded reader, or a book from home. These tasks should be competed in your child's exercise book.


Continue to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books with your child. Suggested questions to help deepen your child's understanding of their books can be found on pages 100-101 of their 'Home School Reading Record'.


Get Epic

We have set the children a number of books to read related to our topics on Get Epic. This digital library is free to use during school hours and the children should read 1-2 books each week. Most books come with a quiz that should be completed after the books have been read carefully.


Get Epic can be accessed via this link or through the Get Epic app. 

Get Epic log in


The children should select students and then log in using their class code.


Writing & Spelling

Weekly spelling lists are provided for each week. Please practise these words daily ensuring the children are aware of any spelling patterns and are able to explain meanings of the words and can use them in a sentence.


A daily writing task can be found at:

Daily writing task

Please use the picture for inspiration for writing and answer the questions provided on the website.


The National Literacy Trust have a fantastic range of ideas and activities. These include reading and writing tasks along with access to videos, audiobooks and other resources.


Literacy Trust Family Zone