Year 5

In light of recent development with the Coronavirus outbreak and recommended school closure, it is important that while the children are not at school during this time, they continue their learning.  

We appreciate that many of you will be working from home with your children in the house, so to try and make this manageable we have collated some useful resources (both online and printable), and an overview of what the children have already covered during their time with us since September. Individual log-in information for websites and apps (where it is required) can be found in your child’s reading diary. This information is designed to provide guidance and to support you when the opportunity arises for you to work with your child.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you all soon.

Mr Rimmer, Miss Jordan and Mr Mansfield



A number of activities are available for your child to learn and explore.

Times Tables Rockstars

Your child will be able to access TT Rockstars from home using the log-in details in their reading diary.

White Rose Resources

White Rose Maths have released specific packs to support your child with home learning, which include daily problems. Please find links to these below.


Maths Games

You can find a number of daily key skills games on the website below to cover times tables, decimals and more.

BBC Bitesize

Maths Is Fun


Topical KS2 Maths Problems


There are some links to websites that could support learning below.

Please encourage children to continue to enjoy their reading books and to keep completing the activities in their school reading records and English Homework books. These should facilitate the practicing of a range of reading skills and could stimulate wider discussion. At school, we have been encouraging the children to justify their thoughts and opinions using evidence from the text they are reading, and to make sure they are not just retelling the story.

Read Theory

This is a website that requires an account but is free.

BBC Bitesize


This website provides a new image each day, all of which are accompanied by a story starter and other activities such as ‘sick’ sentences to improve and make them more sophisticated, sentences to complete and prompt questions to stimulate discussion.

When completing writing activities, children should be thinking about:

-       Sentence types (simple, compound and complex)

-       Relative clauses (subordinate clauses that give extra information and are not necessary for a sentence to make grammatical sense). These begin with relative pronouns, such as which, that, who, where and when.

-       Sentence punctuation (capital letters, full stops and appropriate commas, for example)

-       Showing emotions and actions, rather than telling

-       Figurative language, including similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification and onomatopoeia.

-       Varied sentence starters, such as pairs of adjectives, three –ed adjectives, or three verbs

-       Ambitious vocabulary

-       Consistently joined and legible handwriting

-       Reference to a dictionary and thesaurus to check spellings and synonyms to enhance the reader’s experience

Epic Reading

Epic Reading is a website where children can access assigned books that are age-appropriate. We have predominantly assigned books that that relate to our topic about the rainforest and the Americas. The children have been given their class code this week. These are currently only available during school hours.

World Book Reader

World Book Reader have opened up eBooks to read for free.


Learning Projects

There are links below to four weeks of Learning Projects that we have taken from a Learning Trust. Some activities are similar to what we have outlined, but there are other ideas there too, including some that relate to the family and the local area.

50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ - National Trust

There are many things on here that can be done as a family.


General Resources


There is a wide range of resources here that cover all areas of the National Curriculum. There is also a specific School Closure Pack for Year 6 that can be downloaded and printed. Twinkl have announced that parents can sign up for free membership at present.

BBC Bitesize

This includes links to activities for all subjects including Science, Art, Humanities and Computing.

The School Run