Aspiration and Opportunities

Raising Aspiration

 At West Jesmond Primary School, we know that from a very young age, perhaps before they even join us in Reception, children are already starting to form their first aspirations. By the age of six many are starting to have opinions on what they think they can or can’t do in the future. By the time they reach the age of 10, young people start to make decisions which could go on to limit their future options.

 We have always felt and continue to feel as a school, very passionately about raising the aspirations of our children and about the importance of careers learning and education. Currently, our learning experiences include a whole school approach for STEM and careers week, role play areas with relevant visiting experts in early years and Key Stage One, progressive skills based enterprise workshops in Years 2-6, a Health Careers Fair every two years for Years 5 and 6 and an annual visit for Y6 to the careers fair at our feeder secondary school, Jesmond Park Academy.

In our desire to continually improve our provision for all children at West Jesmond, we have recently embarked on a pilot programme partnership with North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) to strengthen our careers guidance for all pupils in our school family and help to open their eyes even further, to the range of possibilities their futures may hold. It is our aim, to provide them with the best possible guidance, in order to challenge stereotypes and help them understand the exciting opportunities that are open to them all as they grow up and the skills and attitudes that are required to get there, to be successful in the workplace. It would be amazing to think here at West Jesmond, we could help inspire the next generation of Scientists or world leaders!

 Should you wish to have meaningful discussions with your child at home around their future aspirations and ambitions, you may find the following links useful.