Humanities Curriculum

National Curriculum England - Humanities Programme of Study - DfE 2014

A cross-curricular approach to learning about the Humanities is taken to ensure broad, yet knowledge-rich learning takes place in each year group. We ensure National Curriculum Objectives are covered by challenging the children to explore and answer big questions that are linked to half-termly units and literacy texts. The core of our learning combines understanding and applying concepts with knowledge, such as Cause and Effect in Geography or Sources of Evidence in History. Children revisit these concepts in different year groups and are encouraged to use metacognitive resources and thinking to make links between their learning.

Each year, the children work collaboratively across school taking part in a Local Study week, with each year group answering a different big question. Throughout the week, we have visits from ‘experts’, local museum staff and allow the children to handle a range of artefacts. The children are challenged to explore this topic at home to help develop an understanding of the impact of past events on local areas and people. Previous local study weeks have included: World War 1 and Coal Mining.

At West Jesmond, we believe the humanities curriculum encourages children to think and work like Geographers and Historians.