What to do if my child has symptoms or tests positive?

If your child displays any of the symptoms of Covid-19 you must not come to school. 
What to do next -
1) Book a PCR test using this link
2) Email office@westjesmond.newcastle.sch.uk to let school know you are awaiting the result. 
Please include your child's name, class, symptoms, and the date the symptoms were first displayed. 
3) Isolate your whole household until the result is back.
4) If your test is negative you need to email this to office@westjesmond.newcastle.sch.uk, we need this before your child is allowed back into the building. 
5) If your test is positive you must isolate for the time identified on your result.
6) Email office@westjesmond.newcastle.sch.uk with the positive result as soon as you get it. 
7) School will notify you of the first day your child will be permitted back into school. 
The quicker that school are notified the better, as this email is regularly monitored we will be putting things into place even when school is closed which will help us to prevent the spread of Covid-19.