Our Whole School Aims

  • To ensure every child becomes a happy, healthy, confident, enthusiastic and independent learner
  • To provide well planned, well organised, exciting learning opportunities resulting in the highest standard of outcomes for children of every ability
  • To provide children with an ordered, attractive, supportive and stimulating environment
  • To all be respected for our personal qualities, valued for our achievements and acknowledged for our individual needs
  • To follow our agreed school rules (‘The West Jesmond Way’) and show understanding, compassion and respect for everyone
  • To be proud of the contribution our school makes to:
  • developing each child as a responsible future member of society
  • educating our children in partnership with parents and families
  • instilling a sense of care for our local and global environment
Our agreed school rules – ‘The West Jesmond Way’
  • We have good manners – we remember to say please, thank you and excuse me
  • We respect others and show everyone consideration
  • We walk around school calmly and quietly
  • We listen politely without interrupting
  • We always try our best and take pride in our work