Community Curriculum

 Personal Development: West Jesmond Community Curriculum

The West Jesmond curriculum is underpinned by a clear whole school vision and a set of Four Curriculum Drivers. A key Driver influencing all of our work is that of Community. We believe that it is important that our children have a strong awareness of their community and locality, of whom they are and where they fit in the world. We want our children to understand, celebrate and uphold core values of respect, tolerance and understanding that allow the many different communities and groups that we all come from to live and grow together in one West Jesmond family and community.

Active West Jesmond Citizens

We seek opportunities for our children to become involved in their community and develop partnerships that raise understanding of each other, show children the role they play in their locality, provide positive role models to our children and build up their skills and knowledge.

Parent Partnerships

We know that successful learning depends on a positive partnership between home, school and the wider community and we strive to offer as many opportunities as possible that involve our parents in school life. A very active school Friends of West Jesmond Group supports us in bringing together our families. Our parents regularly come to school to share their backgrounds, interests, talents and expertise to enhance the learning of our children.

Curriculum in the Community is something we are very passionate about at West Jesmond Primary School. Curriculum leaders look for every opportunity to bring our learning to life through engaging with our local community. This includes visits and visitors, our annual whole school Local Study and opportunities meet and learn from artists, engineers scientists, authors, historians, musicians, craftspeople….

Our Locality

We take every opportunity as a school, to work closely with local groups, businesses and charities resulting in some unique and exciting learning opportunities for our children. One of core relationships is with the volunteers who support the West Jesmond School Allotment and the Jesmond Community Orchard, who organise our apple grafting, planting and juicing events in school,


We want our children’s personal development to be supported by the widest range of opportunities and seize chances to take part in local and national events.

A few places West Jesmond Children can be seen are:

  • Singing and performing all across the city from Care Homes, City Hall, Museums, Citizenship ceremonies, Scottish Opera, Northern Stage…
  • Meeting MPs, Mayors and Councillors (And the House of Lords!)
  • Sporting events
  • BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival
  • Fundraising for Charities  
  • KATS (Kids Action Through Science)  
  • Litter Picking  
  • Careers Events
  • Festival and parades 
  • Opening the Great Exhibition of the North
  • Jesmond Festival

West Jesmond All Over The World: Our Global Community

Our children and families bring into our school experiences, ideas, beliefs and customs from all across the World. Through our play, friendships, celebrations, assemblies, International evenings and curriculum, the learning of every child and adult in the school is enriched and enhanced.

We actively seek out opportunities to link our children in with the wider global community. In recent years, this has included exchanges with schools in China, hosting visiting teachers from the Netherlands, live international classroom link ups and our developing links with children in schools in Peru and Spain.

 As a school we are always looking, to further our connections in our local area so please do get in touch if you feel you have anything you can offer.