Our Vision

Our vision and values were established by our parents, governors, staff and children. They set out the principles and guidance through which we strive to make our school a happy and successful place for all.

Our vision for West Jesmond Primary School, is to provide the community we serve with a truly outstanding school, consistently providing the highest quality of teaching and support for every individual child, in every year group.

We envisage an education for all pupils that enables them to be creative, inquisitive, compassionate and successful young people, through a curriculum that is rich, exciting, innovative and varied. We strive to excel across the curriculum; achieving the very highest academic standards possible. We want Every Child to Feel Clever Every Day. Through a wide curriculum, many extra curricula opportunities and a culture of encouragement and targeted praise, we hope that all of our children can come home every day with a feeling of achievement, pride and enjoyment of learning. 

As a school, and as individuals, we know there are always things we can improve and we know that by working hard, working together and having the highest expectations we will get a little bit better every day

As a school and staff, we believe in an ethos where children of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed and valued; all children will make the very best progress that they can; leaving us confident to participate and take a lead role in society.

 At the heart of our school ethos and West Jesmond Way we stress kindness, care. We are very proud to call ourselves the West Jesmond Primary School Family. This family embraces children, teachers, families and our wider community. We aim to model through the way we treat each other, our key values of respect, tolerance, understanding and cooperation. 

We believe our pupils should demonstrate outstanding behaviour and self-discipline, supported by parents and our partners in the wider community.

Finally, we believe our pupils should leave us confident, but not arrogant, proud of their success, able to encourage others and understand the changing world around them. They will be able to look back on a wonderfully happy primary education and be eager to start the next stage of their learning.