Lunch Choices

At lunchtime children can choose to either bring a packed lunch or have a school meal provided by our catering team from Newcastle City Council. All school meals are prepared freshly each day in our on site kitchen and fully conform to Department of Education guidance on school food standards. More information can be found about school food standards via the following link: http://www.schoolfoodplan.com/actions/school-food-standards
Where possible ingredients are sourced from local producers to help support the local economy. A map of our food producers is available at the bottom of the page. A copy of our school meal menu is below.
Our school lunches:
• are prepared by catering staff who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of food hygiene and health and safety regulations;
• will help your child to concentrate during lessons and recharge their energy;
• encourage healthy eating habits;
• provide up to three of your child's five a day portions of fruit and vegetables;
• are a great way to try new foods and develop tastes for different foods;
• are excellent value for money;
• offer a daily selection and choice of freshly cooked main meals, salads and desserts, fresh fruit or yoghurt;
• offer vegetarian options every day;
• can cater for medical dietary requirements; we work closely with parents and teachers to make sure that each child can enjoy a hot, healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime;
• help children to have the confidence to make choices;
• help children to develop social skills by eating and relaxing with others; and
• take away the responsibility of providing a packed lunch.

Children in years Reception to Year 2 receive a Universal Free School Meal and therefore no payment from parents is required. Parents will need to have completed a FSM + Eligibility Checker form and returned this to the school office. The form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Meals at school can be paid for using our online payment system known as SIMS Pay which is very easy-to-use. It will offer you the flexibility to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - safe in the knowledge that payments are secure and use the highest level of card security and that funds will reach the school safely. Once your child has been admitted to school in September a code will then be issued enabling you to use SIMS Pay.

The content of packed lunches should reflect equally healthy choices to those offered in meals prepared by our catering team. Try to vary the contents of the lunchbox daily. That way you can ensure your child is getting the variety of nutrients their bodies need to function and grow. Involve your child in preparing their lunchbox. They are more likely to enjoy food they have made themselves. There are lots of ideas for healthy packed lunches available on the following website: https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/school-lunches Please avoid the inclusion of nuts or products with nuts to help safeguard those pupils who have nut intolerance / allergies.

To keep food fresh, make sure it is stored properly: lunches packed the night before need to be stored in the fridge. If using rice, make sure it is
cooled quickly and stored in the fridge overnight. To keep your lunch fresh during the day, use a cool bag and put in a frozen drink or reusable ice pack. Keep different breads in the freezer so you can just take out and defrost what you need for one day's lunchbox. Using different breads will make the lunchbox more interesting and enjoyable. If your child refuses to eat brown bread, try a lighter variety or make sandwiches using a slice of white and a slice of wholemeal bread. For variety, use pitta strips, crackers, bread sticks, or fruit and vegetable finger foods with a dip. Always try to add a little salad to a sandwich. To avoid soggy sandwiches, dry the salad before adding it to the sandwich or put it in a separate sandwich
bag or tub. Make a lower-fat salad dressing by mixing it with some low-fat yoghurt or semi skimmed milk. You can use leftovers; for example, rice and curry, vegetable pizza or pasta and sauce. Make a salad using rice, potato or pasta from the night before, mixed with vegetables, beans and so on.
Further information about healthy eating can be found at: www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk
Milk is available for all children. Parents should sign up for milk via the Cool Milk Website. Children who are under 5 receive milk free of charge via Cool Milk. If parents are eligible for free school meals, where parents have applied with Newcastle City Council, school will pay for your child's milk. You will need to inform Cool Milk and they will verify this with school.

Children are encouraged to bring a named plastic water container with sports top to keep in the classroom. This must be taken home each night to be cleaned and refilled.