Science at WJPS

Our science curriculum at West Jesmond aims to excite children’s curiosity in the world around them and understand the importance of scientific discoveries to their lives, in the past and in the future. 

Developing working scientifically skills alongside knowledge is the core of our lesson design. We follow the National Curriculum programme of study (with additional units on Light and Forces in Year 1 and Electricity and Sound in Y2).  Each unit and lesson is framed around a Big Question which the children use their knowledge and learning experiences to answer. Within lessons children are given opportunities to discuss their scientific experiences and thinking. They are also encouraged to ask questions which are then investigated within lessons.

Our curriculum also enriches children’s experiences by working with outside agencies (for example the RSPB) and visitors in the science industry. Many aspects of our science learning support the Eco-curriculum and work towards the Green Flag Award. Each year we hold a STEM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) where the whole school works collaboratively on a theme and the children have the opportunity to meet visitors from the STEM field in the North East. Previous themes have included Polar Explorers, Vehicles and using the books Rosie Revere Engineer and Iggy Peck Architect.

We have been awarded the Primary Science Outreach Award in recognition of the quality of our science curriculum and supporting other schools and Initial Teacher Training. In 2016 our Science Lead was awarded the Primary Science Teaching Trust’s Primary Science Teacher of the Year. Currently in Year 3 we are working on a research project with University College London on raising children’s Science Capital. This will be disseminated across the school in the next academic year.  
Here is our PSQM Portfolio submission which showcases science at West Jesmond: