Ouseburn Learning Trust

Ouseburn Learning Trust (to include Chillingham Road Primary, Benton Park Primary, West Jesmond Primary, Cragside Primary, Hotspur Primary, Ravenswood Primary and Christ Church Primary as an Affiliated School)

‘Empowering young people to excel as individuals and contribute actively to society’


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Ouseburn Learning Trust and our thoughts about the proposed development. We are delighted to have the chance to show how the seven schools in the Partnership wish to work together in the future and how this will benefit our schools, pupils and community. We firmly believe that by working more closely together with external partners we can build a world class educational experience for young people.  We are pleased to have this opportunity to share some of our thoughts with you and receive your comments. 

The nature of education in England is changing rapidly. Much of this change is related to school governance and the changing role of the Local Authority which has a significantly reduced influence in many areas of education. In this environment the Governors and Headteachers of the eight schools in the Ouseburn Learning Trust believe that there is real advantage in the schools developing a closer and stronger collaborative relationship.

Our joint membership of a shared Trust will mean that everything that is already good about the current schools will be continued. Our governing bodies and school leaders will still have the same responsibilities for the education of your children as now. We believe that by establishing a Trust we can further enhance the quality of education and care that your children now receive. We have set out in this consultation document some of the different ways in which we believe we can achieve this together.

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