English at West Jesmond

West Jesmond Primary is a hugely ambitious school and our English curriculum reflects this.

The intent of our English Curriculum is threefold.

Firstly, every child will leave West Jesmond as a reader. Each West Jesmond pupil, regardless of background, will be supported and challenged in order to acquire the both the decoding and the comprehension skills necessary to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

Secondly, our children will love literature! Pupils will be excited by, and immersed in, a wide variety of stories and different texts over the course of their 7 years at West Jesmond. They will have the opportunity to discuss and explore these texts, to form opinions about them and, most importantly, to lose themselves in the magic of stories.

Finally, the West Jesmond children will leave us as confident communicators. Pupils will be able to communicate confidently and eloquently, using both written and spoken language, for a wide variety of audiences and purposes.

English at West Jesmond  - a subject guide